Friday, August 6, 2010

The Adventures of a Random Girl....

Wow, what an incredible summer! I spent time with a particular visitor to my lovely town and I went on a wonderful date with said visitor. Hey, what a brave guy for taking a girl out on a city he's not familiar with; kudos and I feel super, hecka, mega special! I'm sure his extended family will get a kick outta that...who just happen to be friends of mine... Still, the week he visited was great; we had a great day out on the water, boating and jet skiing happily all the day long! Mostly, anyway...this leads me into an epic tale.

My best friend and I had been commissioned to take the jet skis back to the dock, where my father would be waiting with the trailer. Easy enough, right? We would ride for maybe an hour to the dock, laughing and going slow through the marinas. No. Life had a different experience for us. About fifteen minutes from the dock, my best friend's jet ski runs out of gas. Oh no! It was a minor setback; we used a rope and tied hers to mine and went on our way again. I towed her along and the dock was only a few minutes away, automatically giving me a mix of being thrilled and worried at the same time. Well...we didn't make it. Mine ran out of gas and we found ourselves floating down the river...alone, no one to help us, and I was frightened. Yes, I was extremely frightened. How long until they would look for us? Where would we be? Could they even find us? I expended all my options: towing, pulling, swimming. The river was too strong and I was about to have a nervous breakdown. Thanks to my best friend in the whole world, she kept a level head. Thank you! She calmed me down even though I was freaking out, getting cold and shivery from dehydration and river water (I'm probably making this more dramatic than it really was), and she offered up an idea that I don't think entered my mind.

"Let's grab onto a dock!" she suggested and I looked at the slimy, green dock logs and cringed. But, hey, surviving and grabbing onto a nasty dock or...floating down a river until somebody helps or finds you. I think I'll take survival. Kaitlin grabbed on first and held onto the jet skis while I, being the less athletic one, struggled to climb on the slippery wood. Again, this may be more epic than it really was, but I think we should look at everything with an epic eye; it makes life exciting! Anyway, I held the jet skis while she searched for somebody with a phone and we stumbled upon some good luck! We used a nice man's phone and called my parents and they came after a half an hour while the jet skis bobbed violently against the dock and filled up the skis with a little gas. Miraculously, we were on our way and safe. I am so thankful that turned out the way it did! I hope that wonderful man is getting some great blessings poured out to him for his niceness.

After we got home--weary, sunburned and hungry--we showered and head out to Gustav's for a dinner with just the two of us. It was nice to spend some quality time together after that tiring experience. After I swallowed a couple glasses of water, we mention how thirsty we were to the waiter, having gone through some crazy stuff that day. He asked us about it and listened patiently as we told our tale. How nice! He was a great waiter, let me tell ya. Super attentive and friendly. That day was an adventure!

The next week I left for Girl's Camp, eager to begin my task of an assistant cook. We packed and unpacked and went back and forth between my house and the camp. When the week began, we were a little stressed, not knowing how the cooking would go over, went well! We were met with praise and 'thank you's. The cooks laughed together and I did a little dancing as I prepared the food...

One night, I was charged by the Stake Leaders to put a rubber, creepy crawly wannabe in a fellow cooks bed. Being thorough in my duty, I put it at the foot of her bed for maximum effect. Mwa ha ha...She screamed, she jumped and it was awesome! I laughed so hard! Well, it could be because I was so, so, so tired, but I laughed nevertheless.

Another day, I was in charge of making a five tiered cake by 9:00pm. I frosted the layers and my mom helped me put them together and then I set out for decoration. It was hot and the icing was getting a little...melty. Girls were watching, making me sort of nervous, but I was eager to entertain... One girl kept eating the icing and frustrating me. But! I kept going, even after the flowers fell off and rolled down the cake, ruining the work i had done! I was mad, I was disappointed, I was about to drive a rusty cleaver right through that thing. No joke, there was a rusty cleaver in one of the kitchen drawers. But, after some very...ahem...motivating encouragement from my mother, I finished the darn thing.

The girls came filing in and the cake was now fragile. With the frosting getting a little melty and the table having the sturdiness of jello, I feared for the cake's life! Would it slide onto the floor? Or make it long enough to be devoured? Fortunately, my qualms were deemed worthless and a grin was plastered onto my face. We sang "Happy Birthday" to all the people who were celebrating their birthdays that week and my mom and I picked up some knives and cut that cake to pieces...literally. I had a cake flavor for everybody: chocolate, white, lemon and carrot cake. I made the frosting myself and, yay for me, everybody thought it was very yummy! The cake shrank as we handed out slices rapidly and I realized how silly I was for getting angry when it didn't matter in the end. Everything worked out so beautifully! It was a little sad to see all that hard work eaten by a pack of hungry teenage girls...

Still, the week was fun, though energy draining. I had a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. What a fantastic couple of weeks! But, my favorite part had to be getting a box of Hot Tamales delivered to me with a sweet poem from a very special person. I can honestly say that is one of the sweetest things that's ever happened to me!