Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Summer so Far

Look! My first post. Aren't you proud? :)

It's been an amazing summer where I've met some admirable people and spent time with other awesome beings. :D I kicked it all off with a high school graduation and I also graduated from the community college with my Associate's Degree! I was so proud of myself as I stood up on that stage...shaking random people's hands. From there, I frolicked into the welcoming arms of a free, happy summer. Maybe not free, since I have things to do. But fun, most definitely.

In the early days of my summer, I was able to participate in a Dance Festival put together by my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was hot, it was tiring...but it was fun. Imagine 2,300 teens preforming for an audience; it was an experience to share. I learned that the older you get, the faster you change in the dressing rooms. I also noted that laughing makes everything better and that a snatch-and-grab pizza system doesn't entirely work. My orange dress was a sight to see and I suddenly love spandex shorts after a certain gust of wind during my dancing. What a show, what an experience!

Without much of moment to collect myself, I left my cozy home to the grasps of Utah. It was a long road trip and I wasn't exactly certain what would result in my ventures...but I discovered that those long hours were incredibly worth every experience I had in that dry state.

I went to a church camp with my best friend, taking a deep breath and entering onto the college campus where it took place. I didn't know if this one would be better than last year's or the two years before that. I was just an out-of-state girl, looking for some memories to put in my memory's storybook. I spent that week in a great company of teens, where I felt welcome and could happily let out a giggle or two. Sure, I felt out of style, since my wardrobe was completely different from everyone's around me, but I had some good times and I used some precious time hanging out with my precious best friend. One very important lesson I learned was this: dances outside don't really work...when it's light outside. But, the greatest part of this camp--it's always been my favorite thing at EFY--is that the boys escort the ladies. It is extremely charming and I advise all men to do so, because it's gentleman-like and the ladies dig it...maybe. At least, I do! I said a tearful goodbye to our company and hopped into my best friend's family van to move on to other epic adventures.

I remember being offered brownies and cookies for breakfast as soon as I slid into the seat and put my seat belt on. I was a little tired from my week...but I was beyond ready for the next step in my vacation: Lagoon. Lagoon is an amusement park in Utah and I was eager to experience it's happy innards. It called out to me with a sweet, luring voice...and I followed inside. I was immediately dragged around by my best friend's family, although I didn't protest since they knew all the best roller coasters and I was happy to follow. I was tossed up and down, side to side, I coasted down a vertical track and I heard support poles whizzing by my head. I laughed and I grinned and I quickly went to the next ride. Then I met one thing I didn't quite anticipate: water rides. Oh no! I wasn't ready for those! But I went anyway and chuckled as I walked around in wet clothes and teased my drenched companions with a dazzling grin. I was alright until I went on one of the more...nauseating rides. After that, I never felt quite right. I left the place dehydrated, a little nauseous but quite satisfied.

My fun didn't dwindle as I jumped into my last three days in Utah. With the encouragement of my best friend's cousin, I accomplished back flipping on a trampoline! Most of his "encouragement" consisted of "just do a back flip already." Hey, I guess it worked! By the end of the three days, I had experienced amazing ice cream frozen by liquid nitrogen, a crazy and dangerous firework show and riding a dirt bike. I went back home with a smile and a new friend.

Perhaps you're expecting me to go back home only to swim with a school of salmon and make more friends. That would be both frightening and awesome, but no, I didn't. Instead, I spent time with some of my old friends. Not to say they're elderly, just well-known to me. We took advantage of our time, our friendship and my family's ownership of a ski boat. We went...water tubing. Battle water tubing, to be exact. It was epic. I even made a handy movie to portray the awesomeness.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to next week with excitement. My new friend from Utah, who happens to be my best friend's cousin, is coming to visit! Warning: good times ahead! No more sitting around the house and watching the wall do...nothing. I'm itching to collect more memories and add them to that pop-up book in my brain.

I love this summer! More is ahead and I can't wait. I'm sure I'll tell you all about it anyway.